You are DEPRESSED ?? then you must read this.

Before reading this, let us confirm whether you are really depressed. Here we go, are you answering everybody’s question in single word ? are you playing all sad songs from your music library and putting yourself in the place of those characters in songs ? you forgot to take bath ? are you doing everything in slow motion ? even cutting vegetables ?

OK! If you are saying “Yes” for all these questions, then you are definitely going through depression. If at all you are not depressed and still your answer is “Yes” – then you must be very lazy. Simple.

So the lazy guys, stop it here. Don’t waste your time reading this. Go back, order some pizzas with extra cheese and enjoy your life. And come on, my dear depressed sweet hearts. Don’t get distracted by that extra cheese pizzas. I have something better to share with you guys. This might bring extra peace and extra happiness in your life.

###### Pizzas with extra cheese or life with extra happiness ???? ######

– hypothetical question right ??

Let us come to the point. Now tell me, why are you depressed ? Why… are… you… depressed??? You should probably have a reason for it. Lemme guess;

Because, your best friend is cheating on you and hanging out with your crush ?

Because, you didn’t get a chance to study abroad ?

Because, you couldn’t save enough money to own a car ?

Because, you don’t have 5 digit salary ?

Because, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up ?

Because, whatever it might be. But, did you guys notice ?We all are worrying, blaming and wasting time for something which we don’t have and we guys are not ready to be happy with what we already have. This is our problem.

We go to temples and churches. What do we do there ? pray ?? ok, what do we pray ? seriously, we pray ? Most of us don’t pray, we order like we order in restaurants. I want this. I want that.. How many of us really take time to thank for how much blessed we are ? Very few right. We can count them in fingers.

Why are we like this ? Is this human tendency to not feel satisfied with anything and always expect better and better every time ? NO!! IT’S ALL UPTO US!! It’s up to us, how we take our life. It’s up to us, how we see the world with all we have. It’s up to us, how we take things to heart. It’s all up to us. We gotta decide what we want. To stay happy with what we have or be sad for what we don’t have. YOLO!! You Only Live Once – let us make it the best.

So guys, take a deep breath. Pat yourself on the shoulder and say “I AM HAPPY FOR WHAT I AM”. Very bad. I got all disobedient readers. None of you did that, I know. It’s ok. My target is not to make you guys do that but let you guys know that real happiness resides in you. It works out when you find yourself happy with what you have.



In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

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