Who is he ???

Time is 01:45 AM and my eyes are burning.

I gotta wait for another 15 minutes to log out from my desk.

Yeah I am on this shift – so called evening shift which is killing my time now.

I am staring at the clock, why the hell it is ticking slow ??

Come on… one-two-three-four run! run baby run! run baby run! you can take rest when I get home.

Tadaaa!!!!! Finally, time is 02:00 AM. Time to take me out of this place.

I can see the fogs outside through out the transparent windows. So cool.

I stepped outside and realized it was not the fog, it was the smoke from the smoking area. Not so cool.

Here comes “THE HERO” of my story.

I saw this tall guy with handsome face, flawless smile, with the cutest dimples. Wait. I am not luying.

This guy was that perfect guy you’d like to go with on a date.

Then I realized, its not only me, the girls walking next to me, the girls waiting for the cab, the guys in the smoking area, no one missed him.

There is something wrong with him. He got that seducing eyes may be.

Oh shit. Out of all the girls in this place, he is seeing me.

Oh shit I am in trouble now. He is smiling. Should I smile back ? No!

I walked fast to get inside my cab.

And yes I did it. I turned back to see where he is. He gave me that wicked smile again.

He kidnapped my attention already and what he is trying to do now ?

My cab started. I am going far from him now.

Wow. I am missing him already. What is this ? Love at first sight ?

Knowing this could be a fiction but hoping it was the truth.

My cab driver dropped me in front of my place.

I got out with a sad smiley face and wished him “Good Night” with the same sad smiley face.

I opened the front gate and when I turned back to lock it, guess what happened ? guess-guess-guess.

Yes! He was right there. Mr.Handsome. He is all alone standing far and seeing me.

I took a minute to take my eyes away from him.

He was very beautiful today.

Specially today.

Yes. I am in love.

###### fallinginlovewiththemoon #####



In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

6 thoughts on “Who is he ???

  1. I didn’t want this post to end so soon. But I also know nothing better than this. First time to see someone describing the moon as a Handsome Man. I always wonder your thought process in every aspect and activities. A true inspiration to me. Thank you Jissy

    Liked by 1 person

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