A journey of a girl from the womb to coffin box with lot of questions and doubtful answers.

Why it is so dark?

Because I am still inside my mother’s womb?

Why I born in India?

Because it is the safest place?

Why my grandma see me with “what-to-do-with-this” reaction?

Because I am a girl and not a blessing anymore?

Why my mom is trying all these cosmetics on me?

Because I am dark?

Why my dad forgets to take me park?

Because he is busy saving money for my dowry?

Why my neighbour uncle starring at me?

Because I am wearing a short skirt?

Why should I go for engineering when I don’t want to?

Because my parents want to maintain their prestige among their relatives?

Why should I get married early?

Because my horoscope say so?

Why I am not allowed to work after marriage?

Because I am already appointed as “wife” ?

Why my husband denies to accept any of my opinions?

Because I am not a leader?

Why my husband lost interest in me?

Because i am growing fat after my first delivery?

Why should I smile even if I can’t?

Because I have a family?

Why I am scared of my daughter?

Because I know the outside world?

Why should I fight for my daughter’s love?

Because I know how horoscope works?

Why my husband wanted a divorce from me?

Because I raised my voice against him for the first and last time?

Why my heart feel so heavy suddenly?

Because I am having a heart attack?

Why it is so dark again?

Because I am inside the coffin box?



In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

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