That time of the month

Everybody must be wondering what I am talking about. Cheers to all my pretty girls who got it right there (Menstruation)

I want to write this down just to let you girls know that we are not weak And I really hate men say girls are weak Excuse me, do you think you guys can bleed for seven days and not die ? I don’t think so

There are girls who feels embarrassed​ for everything during ” that time of the month ” Lemme tell you girls, things are changing now. Mens do understand what we are going through✌✌✌

You don’t have to keep your sanitary napkins in secret places and don’t have that creepy face when one falls out of our purse by accident

What if they come to know we have periods ? Come on, they all exist because we bleed and we are the seed of that impure deed

Being a girl I cannot say periods are normal, plain and simple It is annoying and the cramps we get are horrible like nobody could imagine Buts its all part of being a girl right ? We are born to fight. Let’s prove we are stronger than what we look like.

So my lovely girls, never ever curse yourself for being a girl✋ Raise your head up and say that you are proud to be one

❤The real beauty is when you start feeling comfortable with your own body❤




In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

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