Girl in new city

     Approximately like one week ago, I moved to this small city (BENGALURU) all by myself. It’s really not that small because a city with the population of 10,819,000 people and 12498 dogs is never a small city right?

     I very first day I joined a girls PG near Silk Board. It was quite easy task for me because Bangalore, where PG(Paying Guest) is the first business and IT, the second. I didn’t bring much things with me, it’s just that 79 cm suitcase, 3 travel bag, 2 backpack, 2 handbags and 1 pepper spray (just in case if I need one).

     When I entered PG, I was shocked to see this guy with long white T-shirt tucked inside his torn jean which I think he didn’t wash it for decades. I was so curious to know what he is doing inside a girls PG and I was shocked again when I came to know he was our cook. Wow!!! I mean OMG!!!

     I was asked to take room no 103, lucky me I had one of my collage mate in the same room. It not like I have to sleep and snore with strangers.

     I stuffed all my things under my cot but I couldn’t hide my feelings there. It’s really hard to leave all my best buddies of my life and come to a new city like this. Tears streaming down my face. I quickly took a shower and cried little more in the shower. It’s fine It’s fine I kept saying myself.

     Next day, I woke up so excited because it’s going to be my first day @ office. I wore my favorite yellow salwar and stepped outside. I heard somewhere that Bangalore is the only city where distance is measured in units of time so, I quickly booked a cab. I also called the driver and confirmed whether he can come by today.

     I better prefer cab here because auto rickhshaw driver, grocery seller and common shop keeper thinks that you earn at least 1 lakh per month if you are in IT sector. (But the fact, we all know it)

     I know in India, we drive on the left side of the road but my driver was driving on what is left on the road. I also noticed that Infosys and other MNC operates more buses than BMTC in Bangalore.

     I reached office and I was mesmerized by the infrastructure. It was so beautiful except the extra smooth floor which is making me very conscious. Thank God I didn’t attack the floor, the very first day itself.

     And there are few things I can’t understand but still I love it. The first one is, there is something in the Bangalore air that makes me sleep anytime. Even now I would like to have a nap under my favorite blanket. Why not ?? Bye.



In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

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