Arranged marriages do have a LOVE STORY

Disclaimer : All characters right here are 100% real. Any similarities to a person living or dead is 200% not a coincidence.

Arranged marriage scene : Josuttan sees Lissy for the very first time and his heart already knows it has found a matching soul😍😍😍

Coincidentally or not they both love to write and thus they kept writing letters often✍️
Their letter will end up with a signature drawing (two flowers with no leaves but spring roles)

Their love story begins, after both had a connection that felt so strong, developing over time, so deep and perfect.

Finally, they happily married!!!!👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

After marriage scene(after 30 years) : It is raining heavily. Big big drops are falling down and the smell of wet mud is around everywhere.

Lissy is cutting vegetables for lunch. Josuttan enters kitchen and he is like “any help baby?”
Lissy stopped cutting vegetables for a moment and looked up and saw Josuttan face.

The conversation goes like this..

Lissy : So tell me. What is in your mind that bought you here in Kitchen. You never come here unless I call you more than ten times🤨🤨

Josuttan : Yeah… I was thinking about the Honeymoon…

Lissy : Honeymoon😲😲 Why are you bothered anyway ? Let they decide where they wanna go.
(Their second daughter getting married soon)

Josuttan : What are you talking ? Who said Honeymoon is only for newly married couples ? We should also plan somewhere pleasant. I still love you to take out my dear but please dont wear that salwar which I hate🙏

Lissy : Pinches Josuttan’s hand and told him “I am the happiest person in the world”😊😊😊

Josuttan : I will be happy too if you get me a black tea may be.

Lissy : Indaki angu kudicha madhi (Go and make if you want one)

I couldn’t stop laughing at them. I was right there in Kitchen to mess up the entire place with my cooking experiments.

Yes!! You are right. I was talking about my parents. Why do you need some one’s story when you have the best example in your house. I can never stop admiring them and their perfect bond😊😊😊 Love you both Mummy Pappa😘😘😘😘




In action without any rehearsal, thats my life and i love it.

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