A rhyming write up about a girl’s love story. Letter to her boyfriend.

I still remember the first day I met you.

Your name was all I knew.

It was history class and you sat next to Azhar.

I couldn’t help but notice how charming you are.

You caught me with those smoky eyes.

The eyes that can make any girl mesmerize.

I don’t know what made you to talk to me.

But I am damn sure nobody could be happy like me.

You bought those butterflies in my tummy.

I wondered what was between you and me.

We shared our secrets and spoke hours and hours.

Somewhere in between our conversations, I became yours.

I believed you so much.

And so I thought you are my perfect match.

You promised that you will never let me go.

But this monster came with the name ego.

We broke up and I don’t want to cry.

I wished it was just a joke or a silly lie.

I smile and the world thinks I am all fine.

All I wanted was a time machine to go back and make you mine.

I am not here to say I miss you.

I am here to say that I miss me.



A journey of a girl from the womb to coffin box with lot of questions and doubtful answers.

Why it is so dark?

Because I am still inside my mother’s womb?

Why I born in India?

Because it is the safest place?

Why my grandma see me with “what-to-do-with-this” reaction?

Because I am a girl and not a blessing anymore?

Why my mom is trying all these cosmetics on me?

Because I am dark?

Why my dad forgets to take me park?

Because he is busy saving money for my dowry?

Why my neighbour uncle starring at me?

Because I am wearing a short skirt?

Why should I go for engineering when I don’t want to?

Because my parents want to maintain their prestige among their relatives?

Why should I get married early?

Because my horoscope say so?

Why I am not allowed to work after marriage?

Because I am already appointed as “wife” ?

Why my husband denies to accept any of my opinions?

Because I am not a leader?

Why my husband lost interest in me?

Because i am growing fat after my first delivery?

Why should I smile even if I can’t?

Because I have a family?

Why I am scared of my daughter?

Because I know the outside world?

Why should I fight for my daughter’s love?

Because I know how horoscope works?

Why my husband wanted a divorce from me?

Because I raised my voice against him for the first and last time?

Why my heart feel so heavy suddenly?

Because I am having a heart attack?

Why it is so dark again?

Because I am inside the coffin box?

Who is he ???

Time is 01:45 AM and my eyes are burning.

I gotta wait for another 15 minutes to log out from my desk.

Yeah I am on this shift – so called evening shift which is killing my time now.

I am staring at the clock, why the hell it is ticking slow ??

Come on… one-two-three-four run! run baby run! run baby run! you can take rest when I get home.

Tadaaa!!!!! Finally, time is 02:00 AM. Time to take me out of this place.

I can see the fogs outside through out the transparent windows. So cool.

I stepped outside and realized it was not the fog, it was the smoke from the smoking area. Not so cool.

Here comes “THE HERO” of my story.

I saw this tall guy with handsome face, flawless smile, with the cutest dimples. Wait. I am not luying.

This guy was that perfect guy you’d like to go with on a date.

Then I realized, its not only me, the girls walking next to me, the girls waiting for the cab, the guys in the smoking area, no one missed him.

There is something wrong with him. He got that seducing eyes may be.

Oh shit. Out of all the girls in this place, he is seeing me.

Oh shit I am in trouble now. He is smiling. Should I smile back ? No!

I walked fast to get inside my cab.

And yes I did it. I turned back to see where he is. He gave me that wicked smile again.

He kidnapped my attention already and what he is trying to do now ?

My cab started. I am going far from him now.

Wow. I am missing him already. What is this ? Love at first sight ?

Knowing this could be a fiction but hoping it was the truth.

My cab driver dropped me in front of my place.

I got out with a sad smiley face and wished him “Good Night” with the same sad smiley face.

I opened the front gate and when I turned back to lock it, guess what happened ? guess-guess-guess.

Yes! He was right there. Mr.Handsome. He is all alone standing far and seeing me.

I took a minute to take my eyes away from him.

He was very beautiful today.

Specially today.

Yes. I am in love.

###### fallinginlovewiththemoon #####

About my RESOLUTION story

          I think this is the perfect time to share my resolution story. Christmas is over and you guys must be getting ready for the New Year, 2017. Time to change our calendar on wall. So this year again, we see the sparkles in our eyes with full of high hopes and excitements.

          We construct Christmas trees for the Christmas celebration. What do we do for the New Year? Yes, we construct resolutions (ok, may be not all but most of us). We build with promises and commitments. Some make BIG promises to see BIG changes in their life and so obviously, some make SMALL promises to see SMALL changes in their life.

          BIG or SMALL, did you guys know? There is a funny universal fact behind these resolutions we make. The statistics says 96.5% of us stick to these resolutions with full on enthusiasm and like after 2-3 months, we get distracted (come on, we are not robots, we are humans) and our resolutions are lost like faint memories. What happens next? Simple. We copy- paste the same resolution for the next coming year. Actually this is going to help, we stop thinking too about the next year because we already have the list what we want to do.

          Though I know about myself, I still make resolutions. It is fascinating and I love doing it. I have to appreciate me for this – taking initiative, that’s all it matters (though I stick to it or shit on it).

          Smart people will take resolutions on their birthdays and I am one among them. Last December 10th was my birthday and I thought of making one. Here my story begins. It was December 9th– duh one day before my birthday. Unlucky me, I had office. Believe me or not, I did completed my work quickly and exactly at 07:10 pm, I opened a new tab in IE and typed on my keyboard. Here comes my best friend GOOGLE. I have to tell you guys, Google is my best friend from my school days and we will be together forever by God’s grace. No one can help me like him. And yes I asked him to help me with the resolutions. He was like eat healthy, be morning person, stay fit, be more active, bla, bla..

          You know what I did? I just closed the IE browser without even saying a proper bye to him. Let him know that I am not interested in him anymore. I am asking him to help me with the resolutions and all he did was acting like a military trainer. Be healthy, be active, what all? Seriously.

          Ok I am going to use my hot brain. I took my diary out and started thinking. Like after some time I got one – “To do something nice for someone anonymously”(inspired by the movie “Charlie”). OMG!! Dulquar Salman was looking so damn cool in that movie and the song. My inner voice coming out – Jessy, he is married and you can’t do anything about it, so please come back to the diary). Here I am again on my list. How about “to be more helpful and kind to others”(well, I don’t have this Gandhiji or Mother Theresa heart but then I will try)? How about saving money? How about keeping my room clean? No I don’t want that.

          When I am too much into thinking, one of my colleague asked me to help him with his workload. I was like “NO”. That was a straight answer, like kind of rude I would say. He said its ok and turned around. No, he didn’t do that. Actually he didn’t say anything and carried on with his work. I shouted “NO” because I cannot concentrate on two things at a time and I am not that multi-tasking girl. I am back to my list. Nothing comes to mind except one. That was rude. Yeah, the way I told him. He is not going to take it serious but still I was rude and he is one good colleague of mine.

          Do you remember my second point in my list? Do be more helpful and kind. What just happened now? What is the point of making a list now? Things is I don’t have to wait for a New Year or my birthday to change. The present moment is all you ever have. If I want to change something, I have to start it from the moment I thought it. What I would say is – Don’t wait for the “New Year”, take the moment and make it “New Day”.

          I asked him politely. Any help? He told me “it is okay and I have already done it, thanks”. One big thanks to this colleague who was a reason for my realization. This is what happening in our life. When we are busy planning our future, we are forgetting to live the present. Live in the present and life begins to follow with ease.

             ##### Very happy New Year and all the best with your resolutions #####

Mee and Auto Rickshaw

          It is soo much beautiful for me being a young independent girl living in a place like Chennai, where you can see desi fat fat auto rickshaws everywhere. The best thing about Chennai auto rickshaw is – it has got the capacity to carry the entire population of Banglore. You better be careful when you guys are driving near them because they can burst out anytime. I was thinking, it should be like a perfect Bollywood stunt scene – all the stunters flying in eight directions because of the super hero’s heavy punch (you gotta think this in slow motion to get the real effect).

          I have always been a people watcher. When I say people watcher, I don’t go behind anyone. It simple means I like seeing everything life has to offer. Seeing a happy family makes me smile. Seeing a bunch of fashion freaks makes me laugh. I find all this quite fascinating. May be because of this I prefer public transports to travel. Mostly I end up in share auto rickshaws because most of the time I will be late and so I don’t get time to wait for a bus.

          Apart from fun, there are some common characters which freaks me out when I go in share auto rickshaws. Here are some.

SLEEPY-WEEPY – Yes, you got it right. They travel to sleep. Just to sleep. The rickshaw engine keeps farting gatta-gatta sound, the shouting horns got the power to tear our ear drums, the holes and the humps on the Chennai roads can make you roll down anytime but none of them going to disturb their sleep. They be so adamant on their sleep. Sometimes I wish I had a lemon so that, I could squeeze them in their eyes.

LOVE BIRDS – Exactly, the couples. They keep holding their hands together. No matter what, they don’t leave their hands even if I throw a bucket of itching insects on them.  I know I should not bother them. I pretend to be normal but you know when it gets boring, I go back to being me, crazy me. I might face somewhere but then my full attention will be on them. That naughty smile on his face and her blushing eyes completes them. The most annoying part is when they call themselves cute. Ok! May be I am jealous somewhere so I better stop it here.

SCANNING MACHINES – This is somebody who stares at you for no reason. They just keep scanning us from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top. This is why I name them scanning machine. Perfect name right ? I think, girls should be knowing better what I am talking about. I don’t know what they scan at. Are they amused by our fashion sense ? Do they think we are that sexy and worth staring all day ? I don’t know. What are they looking at ? I don’t get an answer even if I ask them too. I have an advice here for all my dear girls (and boys if needed) – don’t be dumb when somebody scans you. We are not for granted. If you don’t raise your voice, then it is like you are accepting them and being ok with it. Don’t give a chance to complain yourself later.

ANGRY BIRDS – If a couple that’s in love are called love birds then why don’t I name a couple that fights as angry birds ? He he.. Well this is not only about the couples but everyone. One who is fighting with her boyfriend for not coming on time, one who is fighting with their mom for more freedom, one who is fighting with their house owner for increasing the house rent, one who is complaining about their boss and so many like that. I have seen people fighting and arguing over phone calls and wondered how come their mouth works faster than their mind. Do they really mean what they say on anger ? Dear angry birds, don’t live your life with anger, you will be hurting yourself more than the people you hate. Remember this – every minute you are angry, you are losing sixty seconds of happiness.

SANDWICH MACHINE – This is something when we get sandwiched between two fat people sitting next to you. You just have to place an egg in between them, their tight body heat is far enough to break and make an omelette. OMG!! Like asthma, they take my breath away. I will be struck and I go mad to get out of that. Should I go left ? or should I go right ? I see left and right with a confused face (I can explain you better, when two people taking a picture of you and you don’t know which camera to look at, that’s how it is).  I cannot breath but I can scream and that’s how I get out of it. When I get out I feel like giving a hi-fi on their face with my bag for showing me the value of oxygen.

SOLOVEN – Are you still thinking what it means ? Don’t think too much and waste your brain, there is no word called “Soloven”. I created it. Soloven means being solo and feeling heaven. Sometimes, you don’t find anyone around you except the driver and that’s where you see you in you. I see myself playing loud songs in my mp3 player. I drum on my thighs, shake my head and sing with the song. I make funny faces and wave bye bye to the roadside kids. What you do when you are alone is what you are.

I feel like everyone brings joy in our life but then it depends. Some when they enter in our life and some when they leave :p Life is awesome. Love it and feel it.


You are DEPRESSED ?? then you must read this.

Before reading this, let us confirm whether you are really depressed. Here we go, are you answering everybody’s question in single word ? are you playing all sad songs from your music library and putting yourself in the place of those characters in songs ? you forgot to take bath ? are you doing everything in slow motion ? even cutting vegetables ?

OK! If you are saying “Yes” for all these questions, then you are definitely going through depression. If at all you are not depressed and still your answer is “Yes” – then you must be very lazy. Simple.

So the lazy guys, stop it here. Don’t waste your time reading this. Go back, order some pizzas with extra cheese and enjoy your life. And come on, my dear depressed sweet hearts. Don’t get distracted by that extra cheese pizzas. I have something better to share with you guys. This might bring extra peace and extra happiness in your life.

###### Pizzas with extra cheese or life with extra happiness ???? ######

– hypothetical question right ??

Let us come to the point. Now tell me, why are you depressed ? Why… are… you… depressed??? You should probably have a reason for it. Lemme guess;

Because, your best friend is cheating on you and hanging out with your crush ?

Because, you didn’t get a chance to study abroad ? Continue reading “You are DEPRESSED ?? then you must read this.”

Here I am – HAPPY MEE

Not everybody can read this at the right tone but you can try it :-p

Welcome Speech :

Mic testing.. one, two, three.. perfect.

Ladies and gentleman, it is our immense pleasure to introduce “Jessy Jose” as the blogger. Yes, “Jessy Jose” you are reading it correct. The one and only person who could never love another person as much as she love herself. She is intelligent but sometimes she has to sing ABCD in her mind to remember which letter comes next. She thinks, green tea is too costly to have and expects to burn 300 calories in one drink. She hates mathematics but that doesn’t stop her from playing Sudoku. She dreams like a 2.5 hours movie and never miss to share it with her best friends (she loves to do mono acting). She loves the smell of new books. She loves when the song lyrics perfectly match with her current situations. When she is angry, she eats more. When she is happy, come on she eats more and more. How much ever I say about her, you can never handle this person even if you come up with the instructions.

Thanking speech:

First of all, thank you so much for coming forward and reading this blog. OMG!!! Before all this, I have to thank who made this laziest person in the world to create a blog finally. Come closer, I got a secret to share with you guys. lets you to create a blog for free of cost. Are yaar… I am from India and I would take anything which is free of cost.

What in the world made you to reach this ?? You must be bored or you got no work. Kidding.. I know you all are running out of busy schedule but you still took little time of yours to check this out. You people are always lovely. Love you all. Thank you.