Here I am – HAPPY MEE

Not everybody can read this at the right tone but you can try it :-p

Welcome Speech :

Mic testing.. one, two, three.. perfect.

Ladies and gentleman, it is our immense pleasure to introduce “Jessy Jose” as the blogger. Yes, “Jessy Jose” you are reading it correct. The one and only person who could never love another person as much as she love herself. She is intelligent but sometimes she has to sing ABCD in her mind to remember which letter comes next. She thinks, green tea is too costly to have and expects to burn 300 calories in one drink. She hates mathematics but that doesn’t stop her from playing Sudoku. She dreams like a 2.5 hours movie and never miss to share it with her best friends (she loves to do mono acting). She loves the smell of new books. She loves when the song lyrics perfectly match with her current situations. When she is angry, she eats more. When she is happy, come on she eats more and more. How much ever I say about her, you can never handle this person even if you come up with the instructions.

Thanking speech:

First of all, thank you so much for coming forward and reading this blog. OMG!!! Before all this, I have to thank who made this laziest person in the world to create a blog finally. Come closer, I got a secret to share with you guys. lets you to create a blog for free of cost. Are yaar… I am from India and I would take anything which is free of cost.

What in the world made you to reach this ?? You must be bored or you got no work. Kidding.. I know you all are running out of busy schedule but you still took little time of yours to check this out. You people are always lovely. Love you all. Thank you.